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The term ‘property development’ covers a wide range of activities from buying existing properties and giving them a makeover to buying land and obtaining planning consent for the construction of a single unit to whole housing estates or business developments.

Whatever form of development you undertake, you need a specialist solicitor who knows what legal loopholes to look for to ensure that your project is successful. From establishing that you have the necessary rights for access and services to ensuring your neighbour does not have the right to stop you building on your land, the property development solicitor needs to think like a developer to predict where problems might arise and provide practical solutions to overcome such issues.

Unusually, at Lloyd Evans LLP, the solicitor who acted on the purchase of the land is the same person responsible for the preparation of all the “plot sale” paperwork and handling of the conveyance process.

Having the same solicitor at both “ends” of the transaction leads to a better quality of information being provided in the sale pack and a speedier reply to any enquiries raised by a purchaser or their solicitor. We have found that the time between contracts being sent out and exchange occurring are shortened by this approach. 

Please note that we can also advise on:

  • Options
  • Conditional Contracts
  • S 106 Agreements
  • Unilateral Undertakings
  • S104 Agreements
  • Commons, Town and Village Greens